Visa & Consular Services

Visa & Consular Services

Consular and Visa Services

Consular functions will be exercised in accordance with international law, including the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, agreements between the GoSL and the receiving country, and the respective laws of both countries. The MOFAIC will work with its overseas representatives to ensure that effective, prompt and compassionate support is provided to Somaliland nationals experiencing legal, financial, security or citizenship-related difficulties abroad.

The MOFAIC will ensure that visas for foreign nationals wishing to visit Somaliland are issued in an efficient manner; that information and advice about Somaliland is provided to tourists; and that assistance is provided to foreign nationals wishing to settle in Somaliland for Somaliland Visa Application Process.

Somaliland Visa and Application process

ravellers coming from those countries Somaliland has representatives should apply their visas to Somaliland Liaison Offices and/or Representatives. Such travellers will get the types of visas they need as well as all that relevant instructions, advice and guidance to their departure to Somaliland. Travellers will fill applications and pay visa processing fees at office while applicants can electronically submit their information according to the laid instructions particularly to Somaliland Representative Offices in UK ( and USA ( to facilitate the process before visiting the Offices. All foreign travellers from (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Yemen, UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, USA, Canada, South Sudan, UAE and China are strictly advised to take visas from Somaliland representative offices).

Sponsored and on Arrival Visa

Visitors from those countries Somaliland has not political representations will have to ask for sponsorship of the nationals (Individuals, Institutions etc) they may have contacts with to help them get visa issued by the Immigration Department after receiving copies of the foreigner passport and application of the sponsor as based on Somaliland Immigration Law (Somaliland Immigration Law). Foreign visitors also used to have their visas issued on arrival at the destination airports but the sponsored visa or the visa issued in advance is more encouraged than on arrival visa for security reasons and identification purpose. The Immigration Department will issue these visas in communication with the MOFAIC to facilitate identification of the visitor in advance and earlier than his/her arrival.