This department is broken into the Legal Affairs section and the International Law and Treaties section.
The Legal Affairs section evaluates and verifies all foreign legal document that Somaliland needs to further legal case for recognition. It also examines and response to international legal cases that involve Somaliland citizens living abroad. The International Law and Treaties section collects and organizes all international treaties and agreements made by the MoFAIC.

This department also works on establishing the legal framework with which MoFAIC and Somaliland work with the international agencies such as IGAD, AU, Comesa and the Common Wealth which all operate in Somaliland. Finally, this department spearheads national monitoring efforts examining international laws that may impact Somaliland’s sovereignty and international recognition case.

Maxamed Axmed Muuse
Department Director
Treaty and Legal Department 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Intenational Cooperation

The Republic of Somaliland
Phone: +252-63-3542606