Ms. Rhoda Jama Elmi was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on December 10, 2023; she was also the former Minister of Finance from September 2021 until December 2023. Ms. Elmi had previously been active politically and diplomatically in Sweden and Somaliland. Previously, she served as the Somaliland envoy to Sweden for 5 years, where she was responsible for establishing and strengthening diplomatic and bilateral relations between the two governments and was also the focal point of contact between the large Somaliland community in the Nordic nations and the Somaliland government.

Prior to that, Ms. Elmi has been an active participant in Swedish politics and was appointed councilor to the local government, a member of the regional government committee for health and medical care, and a politically appointed local government commissioner representing the Swedish liberal party.

Ms. Elmi has a Masters of Pharmacy degree from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and extensive experience as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry, with an emphasis on business development. She was also a leading pharmaceutical entrepreneur in Somaliland.

Ms. Elmi is a licensed pharmacist in Sweden and the European Union. She is also a keen promoter of wellness and healthy living and a nature enthusiast.