1. Communicating the government’s policy positions.
  2. Developing and advising the government on policy options, and creating mechanisms and avenues for achieving objectives.
  3. Protecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  4. To establish cooperation among the bordering countries of Somaliland.
  5. To promote international trade.
  6. Protect, promote and consolidate Somaliland’s national interests and constitutionally entrenched values through targeted bilateral and multilateral engagement.
  7. To solicit recognition for Somaliland in the African Union (AU) as a member state and from the international community.
  8. To attract international donors to invest in Somaliland.
  9. To organize and guide the bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchanges among the ministry and international organizations, foreign government agencies, and foreign institutions, and carry out international cooperation mechanisms.
  10. To assist other departments in promoting major international cooperative projects.
  11. To liaise with Somaliland representative investment and economic sections, guide their work; organize analytical studies on the investment opportunity and economic growth in Somaliland, with carrying out work related to economic diplomacy.
  12. Responsible for all matters of cooperation between Somaliland and other countries or organizations of bilateral, multilateral, regional, or inter-regional nature.
  13. Coordinate the overseas community in Somaliland.
  14. Increases the MOFA engagement, coordination, and initiatives on deepening the partnership and development cooperation between Somaliland and international development multilateral and bilateral institutions such as UN, EU, IMF, WB, ADB, Arab league, USAID, UK Aid, etc.
  15. Increases the cooperation and working relationship between MOFA Berbera corridor international and regional partners.
  16. Ensures that relevant actors and institutions in this development cooperation must be engaged in a manner that MOFA engages other government institutions like the Ministry of Planning and national development.
  17. Creates a coordinated and enabling environment in which all international development actors can contribute to Somaliland’s development assistance and economic growth.
  18. Promotes and helps relevant Ministries to organize international trade and investment conferences that help Somaliland to market its geostrategic level of engagement and cooperation. 
  19.  Enhance promoting major international cooperative projects; organize analytical studies on the world economy, and carry out work related to economic diplomacy.
  20. Administers and coordinates international cooperation frameworks that MOFA and the government of Somaliland want to dispatch to international partners.
  21. Ensures that international communities’ activities and strategies concerned Somaliland must be reviewed as development cooperation agreements that Somalia enters to the international community and other relevant activities.
  22. Ensures and studies the relevant regional corridors and potential investors, and how our competitors are moving forward to undermine our corridor.

Su'ad Muse Dualle
Director of Department
International Cooperation and Economic Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Republic of Somaliland


Tell: +252-63-4601475