The Human Resource department maintains all management guidelines of the Ministry by preparing, updating and recommending human resource policies and procedure in line with Somaliland’s Labor and Employment law.

This department is consists of three sub-sections:
  • Human Resource Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance and Appraisal

The Human Resource department ensures the implementation of professional recruitment and retention policy by:
  • Implementing compensation policies and operational processes that reward employee efforts
  • Improving communication with employees
  • Improving operational effectiveness of the HR Department and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the organization
  • Developing and implementing training programs that support employees career development and sustained progression in the organization and the civil service

By properly installing HR strategies, the Ministry’s Human Resource department creates a working environment that progresses employee careers.

Liban Yusuf H. Ali
Department Director 
Department of Human Resource 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

The Republic of Somaliland.
Phone: +252-63-4420509