In most organizations, the communications department is responsible for overseeing a wide range of communications activities and public relations supervises and assesses public attitudes and maintains mutual relations and understanding between an organization and its public. It improves channels of communication and introduces new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding, also it increases organizational reputation.

The following are the functions of the Department of Communication & Public Relations:
    Responsible for communication between the ministry, the media, social media and website management.
    Assess and supervises the social media of Somaliland missions abroad; e.g., Website, Facebook Pages and Twitters.
    Delivering the ministry’s activities to the public, International and internal media monitoring news from the ministry.
    Documentation and dissemination of awareness or ministry messages.
    Responsible for the relationship between government and international institutions.
    Providing information and documents to the public and media on the Ministry activities.
    Making transparent the works and activities of the Ministry both to the public as well as local and international institutions and audiences.
    Collecting, processing, publishing and recording information on works and activities of the Ministry.
    Supervising and maintaining official webpages and official social media of the ministry.
    Preparing materials and brochures for publication and distribution to inform the public and international audiences on the activity of the Ministry.
    Organizing, participating in direct meetings of the Minister and high delegations within and outside the country in order to provide accurate information to the public.
    Raising awareness for the Ministry’s responsibilities and activities through campaigns and collateral.
    Monitoring media coverage, present to officials and draft replies when needed.
    Processing public enquiries and complaints, referring them to the relevant departments.
    Organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions, preparing the needed budgets in collaboration with relevant departments.
    Drafting the communication strategy annually based on the Ministry work plan.
    Cooperating with the media in organizing press releases, press conferences and interviews as well as providing information and drafts summaries out of media presentation.
    Issuing statements, announcements, reports and other publications to public opinion.
    Responsible for the formulation of the unit’s risk management framework, risk profiling, risk reporting and monitoring
    Reporting to the top management of the ministry on a Weekly, Monthly. Quarterly and annual basis and
    Promoting and raising awareness for the Ministry’s activities to the general public.
    Promoting a positive image of the Ministry and its pivotal role in society.
    Advising ministerial departments on public opinion ahead of introducing new policies.
    Developing and reviewing crisis communication plans, ready to implement if needed.
    Refuting rumors and misleading campaigns against the Ministry by releasing supportive and positive messages.
    Creating a positive work environment amongst different ministerial departments and employees.
    Ensuring the news published about the Ministry are correct and appropriate, rectifying any incorrect information in the media.
    Engage with public opinion leaders to increase public awareness of the Ministry.
    Responding proactively to public opinion and trends, influencing Ministerial policy changes and ensuring activity is in the best interest of the public.
    Other assignments from the top management.

Ahmed Yousuf Dirir
Director of the Department 
Communication and Public Relations Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
The Republic of Somaliland

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Phone: +252-63-7857777