Ahmed Abokor Mohamed is a distinguished leader currently serving as the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation. He started his career within the Government of Somaliland in 2016 and has continuously showcased his expertise and commitment to public service.

His tenure in the senior government roles has been marked by exceptional leadership in various key institutions including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Investment, and the Ministry of Transport & Roads. Ahmed possesses a wealth of experience and a proven track record in steering governmental bodies, showcasing an innate ability to develop impactful programs.

Prior to his pivotal government roles, Ahmed made significant contributions in the realms of UN Agencies, international NGOs, and local organizations. His tenure was defined by the successful management of multifaceted projects, delivered with a keen eye on achieving tangible and time-bound results.

Throughout his career, Ahmed has collaborated closely with esteemed donors such as the EU, USAID, UKAID, ECW, DANIDA, and GPE, demonstrating his adeptness at cultivating fruitful partnerships and leveraging resources for impactful initiatives.

In his capacity within international NGOs and UN agencies, Ahmed effectively orchestrated and coordinated diverse projects spanning Education, Livelihood, Social Protection, WASH, and Youth Empowerment across East Africa region. His leadership has consistently driven progress and positive change in those essential sectors.

Hon Ahmed Abokor Mohamed
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
The Republic of Somaliland
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Phone: +252-63-XXXXXXX