June 11 2022 - Statement regarding the position of the Government of Somaliland on incidents led by opposition parties

Statement regarding the position of the Government of Somaliland’s on incidents led by opposition parties.

Hargeisa, Somaliland June 11th, 2022.The Government of Somaliland has contacted the opposition parties to establish an open dialogue regarding the concerns that led to an unwarranted protest on Thursday June 9th, 2022. We strongly encourage the opposition leadership to return to constructive dialogue instead of misinformation, which is contrary to Somaliland’s constitution. We call for the absolute application of the constitution and the rule of law.

In addition, the Government of the Republic of Somaliland today appointed the remaining members of the National Electoral Commission, jointly selected by the President of Somaliland, the House of Elders and three political parties. We support and stand behind the National Electoral Commission’s process in building a constitutionally binding road map for the elections.

During Somaliland’s existence we have held elections with limited support from the international community, including the most recent elections held in 2021 which had the highest number of international observers. We are committed to the democratization process, and all this is a testament that it is truly home grown. The government of Somaliland is ready to contribute to all election procedures like prior where we contributed to more than 70 percent of the joint local and parliamentary elections.

Contrary to the position taken by opposition parties, the government of Somaliland reaffirms its commitment to have independent dialogue on the way forward to ensure the stability of our country and the rule of law. We welcome the traditional elders and intellectuals for their unreserved efforts of seeking a national solution for the good of the nation.